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** Bioidentical Hormones ** Vitamins **Supplements **Antioxidants **Shakes


· Multivitamin – Adults: available in powder Kids : available in chewable or powder

· Mic Combo Troche: Customized Fat Burning/Energy Dissolvable Tablet

· Vitamin D with K2: For Adults with Vitamin D deficiency

· B-12 Injection: For Adults with fatigue/low energy level


· Calcium Pyruvate Tablets

· Phentermine Tablets (Prescription Appetite Suppressant)

· Thermochrome Tablets (Natural Appetite Suppressant)

· TLS Green Coffee Plus Garcinia Cambogia (Appetite Suppressant)

· Nutrametrix Fat and Carb Inhibitor

· TLS ACTS (Weight Loss and Stress Reduction)

· TLS Tonalin Conjugated Linoleic Acid

· HCG Injection

· Low carb high protein shakes



· Progesterone: Tablet or Cream

· Testosterone: Tablet, Cream, or Injection

· Estrogen: Cream

· DHEA Tablet: Enhances the effect of the Bioidentical hormones


· Testosterone Injections

· DHEA Tablets: Increases testosterone production

· HCG Injection: Stimulates the testes to produce testosterone

· Anastrozole: Helps reduce estrogen levels


· Omega III (Fish Oil) with Vitamin E: Adults: gel tab Kidz: Tropical Fruit Smoothie or Liquid

· Nutrametrix OPC-3

General Health

· Nutrametrix Curcumin Extreme (Supports liver detoxification, increase thinking power and stops bad cells from replicating)

Gastrointestinal Health

· Nutrametrix Nutraclean Probiotics

· Nutrametrix Isotonix Digestive Enzymes

· Ultimate Aloe

Musculoskeletal Health

· Isotonix Prime Joint Support

Anti- Aging/Weight Loss/Increase Lean Muscle Mass

· Sermorelin Injection: Naturally and safely stimulates your pituitary glands to increase production and secretion of human growth hormone (HGH) which will result in numerous benefits, such as: more defined muscle tone, improved skin elasticity, fuller hair, better mental function, increased sex drive, energy level, stamina and bone density, to name just a few.

· HGH Injection: Restoring HGH in the aging body back to a more youthful and healthy level has been shown to provide these benefits: Improve bone density, increase energy and stamina, build muscle and strength, improve mood and sense of well being, sharpen thinking, improve libido and sexual function, smooth wrinkles, and much much more.

· HGH Oral Spray: Nanotechnology where the HGH growth factor enters the body through saliva glands which will result in a direct increase of human growth hormone.


· Melatonin: Tablet or Liquid


· TLS ACTS: Reduction in stress , stabilizes mood and aids in weight loss

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Hospital Affiliations

  • Bayfront Health Brooksville Hospital
  • Bayfront Health Spring Hill Hospital
  • All Children's Hospital (St. Petersburg)

New Patient Packet

  • Detoxing Adolescents and Adults off Opiates
  • Expertise in Psychiatry for Adults and Children
  • Allergy Testing: With ability to do home allergy shots
  • Expertise in Child and Adult Mental Health Disorders: i.e. Depression, Bipolar, ADHD, OCD
  • We specialize in: Autism, Asthma, Sleep Disorders, Acne and Obesity.

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